Career guidance

Career guidance is taken care of by our experienced coaches: Annelies
Dorgelo and Carla Verhagen. It is a service we offer for free to members who fall under the scope of the CAO Metalektro.  For the other members we charge a reduced rate. Extra financial support is possible due to the participation of VHP2 in different Educational Funds for technology.

Career guidance is for everyone who wants to get the best out of himself in a labour market that is changing fast. It is a smart way to make your career ‘future-proof’. You get a better understanding of your motivations, ambitions and (changing) interests regarding your work and you comprehend which steps you have to take to fulfill your wishes.

Examples of themes

•   The feeling that you are not in the right place.
•   Lack of challenges.
•   High workpressure and how you deal with it.
•   Need for change.
•   Get a career overview and match it with your wishes in life.
•   Large changes in the organization f.e. mergers and its consequences;
     moving, change of function, possible resignation.
•   Change of work as a result of physical limitations.
•   Prevention of stress, burn out or labour disputes.
•   Finding a better balance between, for example, work and care tasks.
•   To make the right decisions for the future it is useful to look back for an
     overview and draw up the balance.
•   Discover what you like and in what your talents are.
•   What is your goal and how do you get there?
•   Which steps do you have to take?
•   What is your strenght and how can you use it?

Every generation has its own specific wishes regarding its career. It is our
job to discover, together with you, what fits. As well as our career coaches,
the fiscal and legal advisors are ready to help shape your wishes for the
future. Besides that, our network is a source of contact, information and

Use this chance and ask your employer for time.
The resources are there for you!
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