VHP2, moving from a vision

You can not compare the world as it is today with the one of 25 years ago. Reasons for the differences are globalization as well as technical developments. Our members, operating in the technological sector, know this as no one else.

As a trade union for highly educated technical personnel, we work towards a sustainable future for this sector in the Netherlands. A future in which our members earn well with challenging and inspiring work at a top level. A future with attention for balance between work and private and in which you can enjoy a good pension after a varied career. Also for you as a Young Professional!

Until well into the 80’s, a longlasting career with one employer was a normal thing. Nowadays it’s all about developing (international) careers with different employers with flexible terms of employment. That is not always uncomplicated.

We know our sector through and through. As a union we offer our members advice, support and backup in every phase; from your first job-application and determining your market-value, your personal growth and employability to guidance during a careerswitch, demotion or pension. Also for the legal and fiscal consequences of every move, our professional experts are available.

Although the technological sector in the Netherlands is relatively well developed, sometimes we hear less good news. Companies, or parts of them, close or move abroad. We have experience in creating a social plan on behalf of our members and via our network it’s more likely that you find a new job soon.

Our union also changes. On a regular base we offer new services. The main thought is to strenghten the mutual network and let members make better use of it.

We operate in a nuanced way. We stand strong for constructive consultation and the lines in our organization are short. Our approach is clear, fast and open. Our service is easily accessible.

The VHP2 helps you to form your career. We offer a strong network, knowledge and experience and good negotiation results. We know every-thing about salaries, CAO’s and pensions.

Sign on and make us more valuable. For yourself!